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Back again - 11. september 2009 - 11:21
AzCii Systems is now proud to announce that we are working on 2 thinks at the moment, the relaunch of clankamp.dk and the new ildersiden.dk.
English translation - 16. february 2009 - 09:08
AzCii.net has been translated from Danish to English, and will be kept in English in the future. It is still posible to contact AzCii Systems in Danish under the Contact Section.
Counter-Strike Maps - 1. february 2009 - 12:05
A new counter-strike map is now available under the download section. It's now posible to join the AzCii Group on Steam and support us online.
Welcome to AzCii.net - 16. marts 2008 - 20:16
After a long break AzCii.net is back with new design and new content, the site is still under development.
In the left site you will find the navigation menu, in the right side we have placed some google adds. You can find all my mIRC script and counter-strike maps under the download section in the navigations menu.
Du ønskes velkommen tilbage fra Anders "AzCii" Møller.